Saturday, August 4, 2007

Things to Make the Swap Sweeter

Wow! Thanks to everyone already signed up. If you signed up before 8AM (East Coast USA time) you should have received a confirmation. If not, email again please.

Next, if you haven't signed up yet, please also note how you'd like your name to read on the participants list if you prefer something other than your given name, aka: the name you use when you sign up. I will be updating the blog site later this weekend, finally!

Secondly, we don't need your anonymous email. Your hostesses are also swappers and like surprises too. Just send the one you want your hostesses and your spoiler to use. And yes, this *IS* a secret swap. You won't tell the person you're spoiling who you are until you send their goodies. If you should choose to send more than one package, the final package is when you reveal your identity!

Now, it seems that at least Australia doesn't allow the receipt of tea and such. So far, no one from there has signed up, but here's a helpful link from Chelle, one of our swappers, which rather clearly explains what won't make it through their international mail screening.

For those of you with more than one blog site, please send the one most applicable to this swap. You're more than welcome to have links to them all in your email signature, on your blogs, etc., but for data management purposes, only one blog will be linked to your name on the swap roster, given to your pal, etc.

Your enthusiasm is inspiring. Sign ups are going very well, but feel free to take a button (in the July post section at the moment) and tell your blog readers about us. Don't forget to get those questionnaires posted at your earliest convenience, but please do take the time to fill it out in detail, as that's the first step your pal will take to spoil you well. There *MIGHT* be a drawing for those whose questionnaires are posted BEFORE the August 20th deadline. Maybe. Just maybe...

Last, but hardly least, if you are a vendor and would like to donate prizes and/or be listed on the blog for SWAP RELATED shopping purposes, please email the same for consideration. I like supporting my blogging friends, so I'm willing to be flexible, within reason. For instance, if you make stitch markers and will make custom markers and/or tea/color related markers for this swap, say so!

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