Tuesday, September 25, 2007

About Swap Packages!

Wow what a great Monday it was! A Bingo winner, again Congrats Jessi, plus after getting home from work hubby went for mail and my Tea Swap package had arrived! Thank you Amy for such a great introduction to tea :) Details posted on my blog for all those interested in checking it out :) I definitely feel spoiled!

Now in receiving my package, this made me wonder how many other had already gotten theirs?

I know there have been some packages received already, so now I ask if you have received your Tea Swap package, would you please (with CHOCOLATE on top), comment under this post and let us know! It would greatly help the hostesses in our administrative duties having it all in one spot. Not everyone chose to do the chat room and we want to make sure everyone in fact receives their swap package :)

I Thank you all in advance!

Now for a refill as I smell the aroma of freshly brewed tea and if Chan's not looking I'll turtle race you to the goodie table ...lol

Monday, September 24, 2007

We Have a Bingo!!

Woo-Hoo...we have a Bingo Winner!

Jessi is our lucky Bingo Winner! Congratulations Jessi!!!

Will get your prizes out in the mail to you soon.

Thanks so much to all those who participated in our Tea Bingo game. I really had fun putting this together.

Day 6 Bingo

Happy Monday Morning everyone, sure hope that today is a good day to all of you!

I know everyone is ready for the words to be called, so we'll get on with the calling, but I
just want to remind everyone to post on this post or email k1t2mary@gmail.com as I know a few of you are ready to shout it! Good Luck to you all!!




Anybody have Bingo?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Day 5 Bingo Word

Oh Thank you so much for the intermission break Chan! This has been so much fun!
Wow, Look at all the refreshments...
Its so hard to pull myself away from them all they look so yummy :) Love the friendship that goes along too! You've all been such great guests! Thank you and we love the feedback.
Speaking of friendships...todays word is:


Tomorrow will resume the 3 words and I'm sure we'll be hearing Bingo soon. We have a few that are real close, how close is everyone else?

Intermission Announcements

Every bingo marathon I've been around (as a volunteer firefighter, bingo is our big fundraiser) has a break. So, I'm jumping in here, before you all rush the tea and treats tables.

We're winding down, folks. It's been a fun swap, and I think many of us have made at least one new friend in the process. If you're not ready to ship out on time - on or before October 1st, which is 8 days away - PLEASE let your group hostess AND your pal know. We know things happen, but we don't want anyone watching her mailbox too soon in advance.

The Google Group will remain active. Enjoy it. Share with all of us what you find as the seasons change. All of the major tea companies come out with something different each season. Your hostesses haven't decided exactly when the next swap will be, but it won't be until after the start of 2008, for certain.

Thank you for the positive feedback. We've tried to make this a swap we can enjoy, and it seems that made it work for many of you too.

Now, get some refreshments and head back before Mary calls more words!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Bingo Day 4

Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far. Here is todays Bingo word:

Sweet Breads

That sure sounds good about now, think I'll go check real quick and see if there are any left.
Have a great weekend!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Bingo Word Decision

Well never in my life did I expect a tie! lol
We have 8 for keep going and 8 for waiting till Monday and 3 that don't matter..so what I'm gonna do is call 1 word Saturday and 1 word Sunday, if no one calls it by then we'll be back to regular on Monday.
I will try to post as early after waking up as I can, I can tell you I will be drinking coffee (shh, keep it secret now, but thats my wake up..lol). Hope we have pastries or something out for us all.

Thank you all for voting and Good Luck! I know we have 2 gals only needing 2 words. I am on the West Coast so i know it won't be before 7am my time (10am East Coast).
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Bingo Players Vote

It has been brought to my attention about calling words over the weekend, if I'm going to or not.
Very good question and one I admit I didn't think of, can you tell this is my first time co-hosting? :)
I have decided that yes its my game contest but, it is "Our" Tea Party so..I need all you Tea Bingo players vote on:

"Do we want words called out over the weekend?"

I know weekends can be hectic, especially in my house..lol So if you will please leave your vote in the comments on this posts, then the majority vote will decide. Then I can post the decision.

Bingo Day 3

Good Morning everyone! Hope you'll help yourself to Chan freshly made Tea's in various flavors and Devon has some freshly baked pastries made. I sure hope I can get a pineapple one before they are gone, they go so fast!

On to day 3 Bingo words:

Clotted Cream, Hats, Sugar

Which reminds me I need to check to see if our sugar bowls need refilling...Enjoy your tea and Happy TGIF to everyone!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Day 2 Bingo!

Good Morning Everyone! Hope that your day is going well and your drinking lots of tea :) I do believe a fresh pot was put out.

On to todays 3 words:

Teapot, Silver, Cakes

Speaking of cakes, I must go see if Devon's put new ones out. I thought I caught a hint of baked goods in the air...save me a chocolate one please!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

On With The Bingo Fun!

Whew...all morning I'm running around, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date...Thank you all for waiting on me, is the Tea still hot? I am finally here so we can get started! Woo-Hoo!! Thanks for saving me some tea!

Okay the details are: Our BINGO will be in the letter shaped "T"- for Tea, of course. That means that all the first words listed under the letters B-I-N-G-O and all word listed under the letter N have to be covered. Only those words will count in our Bingo. (in other words for those that listed their words, words would be B-1, I-1, all words under N, G-1, O-1) Hope thats not too confusing.
And as said before, First person to shout, type, post Bingo will be the winner. Please post & email me when you have your Bingo! ( k1t2mary@gamil.com ) Okay, hopefully all the details are done....
on with our words... Ready??? Let me reach over here where I had my son pull 3 words out this morning... Okay, Good Luck everyone!
Our 3 words are :


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bingo Reminder

I interupt the Tea Party for a few moments to bring you a short reminder....

Just a friendly reminder that today (the 18th) is the last day to get those Bingo cards sent in.
I start calling words out tomorrow (the 19th).
Thank you to all who have sent them in so far.
Good Luck to everyone playing!

Now I return to your regular Tea Party schedule!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Steps on How To do the Bingo Card

Thank you Jessi for saving my fanny! When I saw how she did her card I had to ask and this is what she told me..I tried it and it works! Thank you so much Jessi!!

Step 1: Right click on the Bingo Card and click "Save Picture As".
Step 2: Type in the name you want to give it and Click Save
Step 3: Go to your Start Menu and open up your Paint program. All windows software has this program. It's usually listed under Accessories.
Step 4: After Paint is opened, look in the top left hand corner for "File". Click this.
Step 5: Choose "Open". A window should pop up for you to choose a picture to edit. Find the Bingo card file and select it.
Step 6: Once your Bingo card shows up, look in the lefthand toolbar for an "A". This is your text tool. Click the "A" and then mouse over to where your first Bingo square is.
Step 7: Click and drag inside the box to make a square (about the same size as the little box). Once you let go, a flashing cursor should appear. Just type in your choice for that box.
Step 8: Click anywhere in the picture when you're finished typing.

Repeat steps 7 and 8 all the way through your Bingo card. When you're finished, go back up to the lefthand corner and click "File". Click "Save". Your Bingo card should now be saved with your answers. :-)

Friday, September 14, 2007

Tea Bingo Details!

Are we ready for the Tea Bingo? Here's how it will work:
You will need to email your 'bingo card' words to k1t2mary@gmail.com by Wednesday, Sept 18th. I will start calling words on the 19th. You MUST email your bingo card words to be a part of this contest and this contest is open to ALL Tea Party Guests.
Here is where you can find the Bingo Card. You can print one out to write your words in the boxes. When you send your bingo card words to me the order listed DOES matter, just as it does in bingo!
Each day, I will post 3 Tea Party words and you mark them on your 'card' if you have those words.
When you get Bingo, you will need to post to the blog or email them to me to win.
First person to get Bingo wins! (I will let you know which direction the Bingo will go once I have everyone's filled out Bingo card words).
YOU will be responsible for emailing me or putting a comment on that day's words called to let me know you have a bingo. I will then confirm it against the 'card' you emailed me to verify. Simple, right? :) If you have any questions post them here and I will try to explain further.

Lets have some fun....

The following are your Tea Party words:

Clotted Cream
Tea cup
Sweet Breads
Tea Pot
Tea Cozy
Afternoon Tea
Tea Party
Queen Victoria
Tea Time

Are You Ready For Bingo?

So how's everyone doing on getting their tea packages together? I know I'm almost done with mine: I just need to knit/crochet my item (once I figure that part out..lol) Thanks to all of you who have offered suggestions and ideas in the chat group, I know I'm not the only one wondering :)

Okay...on to our next game. I've decided to do a Tea Bingo! In the next couple of days I will get our game board, list of words and other details up so we'll be able to get started. I wanted to give everyone a heads up so you can watch for it...

Now if you'll excuse me I do believe I smell some of Devon's freshly baked goodies....Sip on and mingle!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Plug for our Sponsors

Our sponsors (see the bar on the left) each donated a set of stitch markers, but they each also have some for your shopping pleasure, should you desire your own or some for your pal. On the top, a sampling from Alabama Fibers. Those happen to belong to me, but again, you can buy your own. (I wasn't clever enough to photo the donated set before shipping...)

Next, are Surviving's, which are also a contest prize. My photo does neither set justice, so please visit our sponsors and support those who have supported us already.
It also seems like a good time to remind you of our colors of tea theme. Have fun with it, and there are some really colorful teas out there, so go wild! Just remember to honor your pal's preferences, and definitely, allergies or restrictions. When in doubt, ask! Are you about ready to ship? Time is winding down, so make those last purchases and get set to send your party to your pal.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

We Have a Winner....

Tricotine is our lucky winner for the Tea Scavenger hunt. Thanks so much to all those who participated and for taking the time to look up the answers!

Be on the look out for a little something in the mail for your prize Tricotine!!!

How goes your tea party experience? Hope everyone is enjoying themselves.

Just a reminder:
  • Don't forget your ship date is on or before October 1st.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Contests Winners to Come...

Fellow tea party guests, I'm sorry for the delay in letting you know who won the scavenger contest, but my tank top was calling me and it needed to be finished. I appreciate your patients and I will get the winner up here tomorrow!

Thanks again for all those who played!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Last Day to Enter

Let's not forget that today at midnight is the last day to get in your answers to the contest! Best of luck!

How goes the tea party, everyone having fun?