Friday, October 12, 2007

My Fellow Tea Party Guests: Anyone for a Cup?

As the end of our tea party draws to a close we would like to ask that those of you who have yet to receive please let us know so that we can get in contact with your pals. It is a crazy time of year as we all know, but we don't want to let down our fellow guests in making them wait too long for their packages.

We hope that everyone has had a good time with this swap and that the knitterly friends and goodies that have come your way have made it all worth while.

Again for those of you still waiting please let your hostess know.

Many Thanks!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Sincere Appreciation

Swappers, thanks so much for your kind words and in a couple of cases, gifts, to your hostesses. We started out with a goal of producing a swap that would be as much like a "real" tea party as possible, and it seems in many cases, we've succeeded. It really does warm our hearts to share your fantastic packages with you!

PLEASE, PLEASE let your pal and group hostess know if your package is going to be late. Also, I hate to sound like your Aunt Bertha (name changed because I do love mine dearly), but even if your pal missed the mark, please find thank her for her efforts and be kind. Sometimes, it's not thoughtlessness, but just a miscommunication, so be gentle and remember the golden rule. As much as I wish each of us could be thoroughly and perfectly spoiled, sometimes, it doesn't happen, despite good intentions by your spoiler.

So, enjoy your personal tea parties and hopefully, a new friend or two. Feel free to keep using the Google Group, as that will be the first place we make any announcements about the next swap, which will be in 2008.

PS - And just to abuse my powers a bit, I want to thank Nannette (link to the left) for spoiling me rotten. Her timing was perfect, and I'll have details on my blog later. She was a great pal, all the way through, with lots of emails and so much more!