Friday, August 31, 2007

Contest Time: Scavanger Hunting

All the answers to these questions can be found with links from this site. Whether they are the tea links, tea guest links or even past blog posts – you can find them all from this page. Answer the questions and send the answers to There is no need to speed through answering the questions, just get them in before the deadline and there will be a drawing for a prize. Best of luck and Have FUN!

The deadline for sending in the answers is September 7, 2007

  • What are the 3 ways to process tea leaves?

  • What company sells Roobios Almond?

  • What day did the Boston Tea Party take place?

  • What company sells Indian Tea Sets?

  • What is Roobios Tea?

  • What event did the Boston tea party help start?

  • Which one of your hosts would be a hand-dyed super wash merino if she were a yarn?
  • What company wooden tea chests full of tea?

  • What company started in 1997?

  • What two tea companies are based in Portland, Oregon?

  • Which of your hosts made scones for the first time?

  • Which one of your hosts makes a Sex and the City reference in their questionnaire?

  • Who won the 'How do you like your tea contest?

Bonus Questions:

  • Which tea party guest is a midwife?

  • Which tea party guest is from Norway?

  • Which tea party guest has a runner as her banner picture?

  • Which tea party guest has her own Etsy shop with stitch markers?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Contest Coming....

The tea party is going smashingly thus far and I do hope that everyone is enjoying themselves. I am working on a contest for the whole group so watch this page for an update with in the next few days. I will give you all the details at that time.

I do hope that the scones, treats, and tea are to your liking.

Enjoy getting to know the other guests and keep mingling!!

Friday, August 24, 2007


Hey, does anyone else get the Republic of Tea emails? Look! They're carrying jams now, custom blends that match some of my favorite teas! I'm ordering some NOW, because Fred and I can't take the chance that we can't find the Pink Grapefruit locally. (The dog LOVES pink grapefruit. I'm not kidding.) I am beside myself with glee...

In other news, don't forget to contact your pal by the 25th, which is tomorrow. A quick "hey" is all she needs to know you know she's out there.

Also, I think you should all have your invite for the Google Group. Participation is optional, and we're having a ball!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

More Details

Folks, I can't be clear enough on the anonymous element of this swap. Some folks are more into the anonymous part than others, but since you probably don't know your pal inside out, we have to err on the side of caution and assume she likes surprises and wants you to remain anonymous until the end.

Things happen; I've accidentally emailed from an account that displays my name, and felt awful. However, please be mindful and careful, okay?

If you're not sure how your email server sends out your "address", send yourself an email and see if just the email addy shows, or if perchance your name is there too. If your name or other identifier is obvious, change your settings. There are so many email providers out there that I cannot begin to tell you how to change that, and I suspect in some cases, it cannot be changed. Check under preferences, and keep digging. Not very helpful, I know, and I'm sorry.

Also, Mary's group has been having a great time with a rather group-sized email, so I've created a Google group for us. You should be receiving an invite at the email address used for this swap soon. Keep in mind that this is for ALL swappers, which includes your pal. We'll be using our names, so don't flinch if you and your pal are gabbing, and don't say anything that would reveal that she's your pal. I think this can be a fun way to glean information, hiding in plain sight as they say. Of course, you're free to decline your invite. I've not used Google Groups before, but I'm assuming they'll have a digest option or something of the sort so that if you don't care to receive a lot of extra emails, you won't.

Sorry to be so fussy about all of this, but I guess that's my job!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Anonymous Stuff

Just a quick note on maintaining your anonymity throughout the swap...

Some of you don't allow anonymous comments on your blogs. That eliminates one avenue of contact by your pal. Not everyone has easy access to other email accounts at work, so that eliminates some time and potential contact. I'm not asking anyone to do anything that makes them uncomfortable, but just ponder those bits, and if you need help creating an anonymous account, make up a silly name like Sally Swapper and get an account with any of the free email providers, or with an unused account through your internet service provider.

Also, one more time... Don't reveal your identity to your pal before you mail the package (or final package if you ship more than once). Sure, things happen, but I just wanted to remind everyone ONE MORE TIME.

Now, back to your tea, knitting and chatting.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Your Invitation is in the Mail

Picture a big, old Victorian on a double lot, on the edge of the quaint shopping district in your town. Mary's at the door, peeping through the etched glass, and will throw open the door as you come up the walk. Devon is still fiddling with the tiered dessert display, because those are HER pastries on there, you know? I'm busy rearranging the assorted china cups (some even with mismatched saucers) and mugs, then flit over to the teas, because everything has to be JUST SO for our grand opening.

It's a come as you are kind of place. For those dreaming of a grand, almost formal tea, I'll be serving with the silver service in the grand dining room. (Pinkies out, optional, but I will have sugar cubes and those precious little tongs!) For those wishing for a completely casual experience, Mary will be on hand in the great room. (There are toys for your children in there too.) For anyone in between, Devon will be pouring on the veranda, weather permitting. (Otherwise, we'll direct you to the sun room in the back.) Of course, we'll really all be flitting from room to room, because we're excited and want to meet you all, so have a cup with each of us! Please take your pets to the area in the back, where we have arranged for their own party. (Dogs on the left, cats on the right, and turtles and other species to the far right.)

Okay, your pal's info isn't really below, but it will be sent out later today. Please keep the exceptionally social, friendly feel of this swap alive and contact your pal right away. Don't forget to check your spam folder before you email your hostess, feeling left out.

Last, but not least, we have divided up into groups, but not by "formality" as I described above. Please use your "personal" host as your first point of contact if there's a concern, once you know which of us it is. I'm always available to all of you - heck we all are - but only your personal host will have the information about your match.

Now, let's sip, chat and knit!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Early Bird Special!

Bethany is our early bird contest winner. I'm not going to post a picture of her prize, because that kinda' ruins the surprise, doesn't it? Trust me, it's very nice, and once she receives it, you can pop over to her blog and say hi.

Many, MANY thanks to you for posting those questionnaires early. Over half of you qualified for the early bird contest, and fewer than 10% of you still need to post. PLEASE post as soon as you can! (And if you have a friend whose questionnaire is missing, peer pressure is a wonderful thing...) We won't send out matches until 100% of the questionnaires are posted, and if for some reason, yours isn't up by the 22nd... That's not going to happen though, so we won't talk about it.

Remember to check your spam folder when matches go out, before you email and say you haven't received anything. The spam filters don't like emails without names, it seems...

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Sign-ups have closed. Welcome, guests! Please check your link under the guest list on the side, and let us know if it doesn't work.

If you haven't posted your questionnaire, please do so immediately. The hostesses are checking for them as we speak, and if all the questionnaires are up before the 20th, matches might go out early.

A word on matches... I hope I'm clearing things up here, not making them more confusing. Each person will SEND to one pal, and RECEIVE from someone different. You'll be reminded of the details by your hostess when the matches are sent out, but I did want to make that part clear.

On your mark, get set, POUR!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

You're Almost Too Late!

Just a friendly reminder that you have only a little over 24 hours left to sign up for the swap, and to enter the early bird contest. Unlike the Wonderland tea party, we won't be able to take late-comers, so sign up (via email to before midnight on the 15th.

That doesn't mean the last-minute guests will get their responses from me before then though. Please don't panic unless you don't hear from me by Thursday evening, Eastern Time. I can't always check this account from work...

Remember too, that all questionnaires must be posted - and easy to find! - by the 20th. No matches will be sent out until ALL questionnaires are in place, so PLEASE don't hold up progress. If you have your questionnaire posted by the 15th and note as much in the comments on the appropriate post here, you'll be entered in our first contest.

With that, a big thank you to those of you with your questionnaires in place. It is greatly appreciated!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Scone Recipe

Fox and Goose Scones
(Thank you Ruth, and your friend Donna!)

3 cups flour 2 1/2 teaspoons baking powder

1/3 cup sugar 1/2 teaspoon baking soda

3/4 tsp salt 1/2 tsp cream of tartar

3/4 cups butter 1 cup milk

1 tablespoon heavy cream 1 cup dried cranberries

Heat oven to 425. Grease cookie sheet.
Sift dry ingredients together. Cut in butter until crumbly. Mix in fruit, add milk and cream and mix thoroughly.
Turn onto floured board and knead about 8 times. Roll out and cut into circles or triangles. (or I just pat it into two semi-flat rounds and
cut those into sections) Place on cookie sheet, brush with beaten egg (optional).
Bake 12 minutes or until golden brown (may be slightly longer for sections than biscuit sized scones)

You can substitute sour cream, mayonaise, or yogurt for heavy cream. (I cheat and use less milk, and make up the difference with
half and half) You can substitute raisons or any other dried fruit for cranberries. (I often used dried blueberries...yum)
One of my friends also sprinkles the scone tops with "raw" sugar before baking to make then look fancier.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Buttons to the Rescue: Where Do We Start

Buttons are a great way to let others know what you are doing, your opinions, and what swaps you are involved in. Here is some info on how to do that.

  • First right click on the button and 'copy image location' or 'save image as' and then save it to your computer.
  • From here you need to find a photo hosting sight such as 'Flickr', 'Yahoo', 'AOL'. This will host your photo with out taking up the bandwidth of the sight you are taking the button from. Upload and save to your photo sharing site and copy the URL. If you are using flick you click on 'All Sizes' and scroll down and you will find number 2 will give you the URL to save and use (copy this).
  • Then when you want to add it to your page you use Configure HTML/Javascript and use this for posting... 1. a href="SWAP LINK HERE" 2. - 3. img src="LINK FROM FLICKR WITH THE SITE ADDRESS"/4. (this is not the full HTML code - but how you make it correct is by putting <> brackets around each of the links above (where I have placed the numbers). If you need assistance with this I will be happy to email the full look of the code, because blogger will not allow me to post it here.
  • This will post the button and link it to the swap page.
  • Hope this helps!
Happy Swapping everyone and thank you for those of you who have already put up your questionnaire! We do hope this tea party proves to be just what everyone needs as we finish up the summer months.

Do enjoy some tea and scones if you'd like!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Button Coach Needed

Hey there! There have been a couple of requests for button assistance, as in "how do I get the button from the swap blog to mine?" Now, I've tried to help with one swapper, and I think all I did was confuse her, so if someone wants to either post great instructions in the comments here or email me with instructions I can post here, that would be awesome!

Now, I'm off to make some iced tea. Whew! Our ice maker took a few days off; no one seems to know why, but it didn't work for about four days, and simply resumed normal operation. Whether our attempts to "reset" things worked or not, I don't know, and at this point, I don't care. I'm hot and thirsty, and very tired of water, despite my loyalties to the family business. (Water well drilling, pump installation, water treatment systems, etc.)

Friday, August 10, 2007

More on Sign-ups

It's been a while, so just to get it up here at the top of the page:

To join the party, please email and include your name, blog, mailing address and any shipping concerns (no international, whatever).

Please *DO* take the time to read all of the swap information. You must have a blog to participate, and sign-ups do end on August 15th.

This is also a great time to mention that if your questionnaire is posted by 11:59 pm (Eastern) on the 15th, your name will be entered in a drawing for a prize of some sort. The catch is, you have to leave a comment here and let us know your questionnaire is up. ;)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


If you find your link - or someone else's - isn't working, please let me know. Right now, there's some sort of problem with our work ISP, as in it's not operational, so I'm stuck trying to get everything done from home. Of course, I have obligations a couple of nights this week too, just to keep it interesting...

Also, Monica created an awesome button for us! Thanks, Monica. You're such a diverse, talented group, and we look forward to getting to know all of you over the next few weeks.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Grab a Cup!

There's still room at the table, so grab a pretty china cup or a honka' big mug and join us. I'll be adding the participants list either tonight or Tuesday night, and hopefully, that will help with those of you whose confirmations must be getting spammed. If your name isn't as you want it on the list, please email me at and I will change it at my earliest convenience.

Also, PLEASE send complete information when you sign up. Without at least your name and blog address, I cannot add you to the list. (I will however, send you an email noting that I need more information.) Right now, there's still room left, but if the pace continues, before the end of the week or so, incomplete information MIGHT mean you lose your place at the table. We don't want that to happen any more than you do!

If you realize you will be unable to fulfill your swapperly obligations, please contact us immediately. Devon, Mary and I all work and lead busy lives, and we want this swap to be fun for all - including us! - so by signing up, you're basically agreeing to the terms of the swap. So, stay in touch, and let us know if there's a problem. We don't want pals falling off the face of the earth!

And now, pass the scones, please?

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Things to Make the Swap Sweeter

Wow! Thanks to everyone already signed up. If you signed up before 8AM (East Coast USA time) you should have received a confirmation. If not, email again please.

Next, if you haven't signed up yet, please also note how you'd like your name to read on the participants list if you prefer something other than your given name, aka: the name you use when you sign up. I will be updating the blog site later this weekend, finally!

Secondly, we don't need your anonymous email. Your hostesses are also swappers and like surprises too. Just send the one you want your hostesses and your spoiler to use. And yes, this *IS* a secret swap. You won't tell the person you're spoiling who you are until you send their goodies. If you should choose to send more than one package, the final package is when you reveal your identity!

Now, it seems that at least Australia doesn't allow the receipt of tea and such. So far, no one from there has signed up, but here's a helpful link from Chelle, one of our swappers, which rather clearly explains what won't make it through their international mail screening.

For those of you with more than one blog site, please send the one most applicable to this swap. You're more than welcome to have links to them all in your email signature, on your blogs, etc., but for data management purposes, only one blog will be linked to your name on the swap roster, given to your pal, etc.

Your enthusiasm is inspiring. Sign ups are going very well, but feel free to take a button (in the July post section at the moment) and tell your blog readers about us. Don't forget to get those questionnaires posted at your earliest convenience, but please do take the time to fill it out in detail, as that's the first step your pal will take to spoil you well. There *MIGHT* be a drawing for those whose questionnaires are posted BEFORE the August 20th deadline. Maybe. Just maybe...

Last, but hardly least, if you are a vendor and would like to donate prizes and/or be listed on the blog for SWAP RELATED shopping purposes, please email the same for consideration. I like supporting my blogging friends, so I'm willing to be flexible, within reason. For instance, if you make stitch markers and will make custom markers and/or tea/color related markers for this swap, say so!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Tea Time!

It's tea time somewhere, as Sharon pointed out.
So, picture your ideal tea spot, set up and waiting on you and your closest friends...
I apologize for the delayed opening. Injured dogs, sick mother inlaw, employee having a heat stroke and refusing to go to the doctor... Nothing a good cup of tea with great company won't cure, especially since I'm sure Devon has whipped up some special, chocolate pastries for the event...
Now, the details! Please send the following to :
Your full name
Your mailing address
Your blog site
Any shipping restrictions - such as no international, international preferred, etc.
Just a reminder... We cannot send pal information until ALL questionnaires are posted. If your questionnaire is not posted by 11:59 pm EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) on August 20th, you WILL be removed from the swap, no exceptions. Many, MANY thanks to those of you whom posted your questionnaires already.
Also, to clarify: you will only be shipping to ONE pal, and the total cost of the items must be no less than $40. I'll be posting pattern ideas and more over the next couple of days. I intended to get that done while on a working vacation, but there was little time, and the hotel's router went down... (Just full of excuses, am I not?!)
If you need me, I'll be in my virtual tea room, which is an ivy-covered gazebo, in a lush meadow, with a pleasant breeze, sunshine (but not too much heat), with my favorite iced, green tea in a pretty pitcher, and plates upon plates of treats. Mugsy and Fred are chasing butterflies, and I'm surrounded by lots of barefoot friends (except for Val - I know you never go barefoot), with tall glasses of their favorite tea or lemonade...

Today is the Day: Sign ups

My fellow swappers: Today is the start of sign ups and I know that you are all eager, as are we to start out tea party. The email address and required details will be up later today as one of our hostess' is returning from out of town and we want to make sure she is available for contact. Thank you for your patience.

Thank you to everyone who has already grabbed the questionnaire and put it up on your blog. This will help to insure plenty of time to answer the questions in detail and a great kick off to our party!

Happy Swapping and of course Tea Drinking!