Monday, August 6, 2007

Grab a Cup!

There's still room at the table, so grab a pretty china cup or a honka' big mug and join us. I'll be adding the participants list either tonight or Tuesday night, and hopefully, that will help with those of you whose confirmations must be getting spammed. If your name isn't as you want it on the list, please email me at and I will change it at my earliest convenience.

Also, PLEASE send complete information when you sign up. Without at least your name and blog address, I cannot add you to the list. (I will however, send you an email noting that I need more information.) Right now, there's still room left, but if the pace continues, before the end of the week or so, incomplete information MIGHT mean you lose your place at the table. We don't want that to happen any more than you do!

If you realize you will be unable to fulfill your swapperly obligations, please contact us immediately. Devon, Mary and I all work and lead busy lives, and we want this swap to be fun for all - including us! - so by signing up, you're basically agreeing to the terms of the swap. So, stay in touch, and let us know if there's a problem. We don't want pals falling off the face of the earth!

And now, pass the scones, please?

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Crochetoholic Debb said...

My Link works I am on vacation till the 18th see you all when I return...I'll be ready for a BIG cup of tea when I return...tootles..