Friday, August 3, 2007

Tea Time!

It's tea time somewhere, as Sharon pointed out.
So, picture your ideal tea spot, set up and waiting on you and your closest friends...
I apologize for the delayed opening. Injured dogs, sick mother inlaw, employee having a heat stroke and refusing to go to the doctor... Nothing a good cup of tea with great company won't cure, especially since I'm sure Devon has whipped up some special, chocolate pastries for the event...
Now, the details! Please send the following to :
Your full name
Your mailing address
Your blog site
Any shipping restrictions - such as no international, international preferred, etc.
Just a reminder... We cannot send pal information until ALL questionnaires are posted. If your questionnaire is not posted by 11:59 pm EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) on August 20th, you WILL be removed from the swap, no exceptions. Many, MANY thanks to those of you whom posted your questionnaires already.
Also, to clarify: you will only be shipping to ONE pal, and the total cost of the items must be no less than $40. I'll be posting pattern ideas and more over the next couple of days. I intended to get that done while on a working vacation, but there was little time, and the hotel's router went down... (Just full of excuses, am I not?!)
If you need me, I'll be in my virtual tea room, which is an ivy-covered gazebo, in a lush meadow, with a pleasant breeze, sunshine (but not too much heat), with my favorite iced, green tea in a pretty pitcher, and plates upon plates of treats. Mugsy and Fred are chasing butterflies, and I'm surrounded by lots of barefoot friends (except for Val - I know you never go barefoot), with tall glasses of their favorite tea or lemonade...

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