Friday, August 31, 2007

Contest Time: Scavanger Hunting

All the answers to these questions can be found with links from this site. Whether they are the tea links, tea guest links or even past blog posts – you can find them all from this page. Answer the questions and send the answers to There is no need to speed through answering the questions, just get them in before the deadline and there will be a drawing for a prize. Best of luck and Have FUN!

The deadline for sending in the answers is September 7, 2007

  • What are the 3 ways to process tea leaves?

  • What company sells Roobios Almond?

  • What day did the Boston Tea Party take place?

  • What company sells Indian Tea Sets?

  • What is Roobios Tea?

  • What event did the Boston tea party help start?

  • Which one of your hosts would be a hand-dyed super wash merino if she were a yarn?
  • What company wooden tea chests full of tea?

  • What company started in 1997?

  • What two tea companies are based in Portland, Oregon?

  • Which of your hosts made scones for the first time?

  • Which one of your hosts makes a Sex and the City reference in their questionnaire?

  • Who won the 'How do you like your tea contest?

Bonus Questions:

  • Which tea party guest is a midwife?

  • Which tea party guest is from Norway?

  • Which tea party guest has a runner as her banner picture?

  • Which tea party guest has her own Etsy shop with stitch markers?


Isabelle aka Tricotine said...

Was there a "How do you like your tea" contest???

I must have missed something...

Sharon said...

Oh sounds like so much fun I just wish the contest wasn't during one of my most hectic week of the year :-( I won't be able to play. Have fun though and I know they answer to the last question without even looking LOL

poofsizzle said...

yay - I think I found them all - though I'm not too sure as to the meaning of the first question... but I gave it my best... my email will go out shortly...

Bethany said...

I got my Tea Prize!
I posted pictures on my blog for all to see and envy!