Sunday, September 23, 2007

Intermission Announcements

Every bingo marathon I've been around (as a volunteer firefighter, bingo is our big fundraiser) has a break. So, I'm jumping in here, before you all rush the tea and treats tables.

We're winding down, folks. It's been a fun swap, and I think many of us have made at least one new friend in the process. If you're not ready to ship out on time - on or before October 1st, which is 8 days away - PLEASE let your group hostess AND your pal know. We know things happen, but we don't want anyone watching her mailbox too soon in advance.

The Google Group will remain active. Enjoy it. Share with all of us what you find as the seasons change. All of the major tea companies come out with something different each season. Your hostesses haven't decided exactly when the next swap will be, but it won't be until after the start of 2008, for certain.

Thank you for the positive feedback. We've tried to make this a swap we can enjoy, and it seems that made it work for many of you too.

Now, get some refreshments and head back before Mary calls more words!


Grace Yaskovic said...

I personally feel like I have made many new and wonderful friends, my package has been mailed and received and I enjoyed participating so very much, Thanks for having me and if you have another tea party keep me in mind!!!

Isabelle aka Tricotine said...

My package has been sent as well, on Friday the 21st. I don't think my pal has received it yet, but she should get it before Oct 1st, as Priority mail usually takes 2-3 business days.

I had lots of fun with this swap as well. The tea party is FA-BU-LOUS!

This has been one of my best swap experiences, if not THE best! :-))

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

got my last bit of 'tea goodness'delivered yesterday, so I'm going to pack up all the swag and send it to my tea pal hopefully tomorrow. I'm so excited to send it to her and to reveal just who I am. This was a fun exchange.