Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Plug for our Sponsors

Our sponsors (see the bar on the left) each donated a set of stitch markers, but they each also have some for your shopping pleasure, should you desire your own or some for your pal. On the top, a sampling from Alabama Fibers. Those happen to belong to me, but again, you can buy your own. (I wasn't clever enough to photo the donated set before shipping...)

Next, are Surviving's, which are also a contest prize. My photo does neither set justice, so please visit our sponsors and support those who have supported us already.
It also seems like a good time to remind you of our colors of tea theme. Have fun with it, and there are some really colorful teas out there, so go wild! Just remember to honor your pal's preferences, and definitely, allergies or restrictions. When in doubt, ask! Are you about ready to ship? Time is winding down, so make those last purchases and get set to send your party to your pal.

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