Saturday, July 14, 2007

Let's Talk Tea

As July seems to keep speeding by, I would like to talk a little tea talk, because before you know it - it will be tea time. When I say tea many first think the drink, but tea also represents a time of day when tea, little sandwiches, and desserts are eaten. This is done mostly in England, but there are teas served all over the country as a special treat.

One of my most favorite birthday parties when I was in the 4th grade was a tea party. My mom prepared lots of yummy sandwiches (minus the crust), wonderful cakes and scones and of course we got to use her beautiful porcelain tea pots. It was quite a treat for me and my friends to be having our very own tea time. Another fond tea time I remember was when I was on my honeymoon in Victoria, Canada. We went to the Empress Hotel for their afternoon tea. It was amazing. The food, the tea, the atmosphere. The price is a bit steep, but well worth the cost to enjoy a wonderful afternoon. I recommend it if you are ever in Victoria.

For me now, tea time isn't quite as fancy, but I still enjoy making a cup of tea, perhaps having a treat as well and sitting down with my knitting or book to enjoy a very pleasant evening. You will usually find me drinking a cup of Tazo Earl Grey. It gets its distinct flavor from Bergamot orange oil. I am partial to the Tazo brand being that they are located in Portland, Oregon (my home town).

Just a few reminders, our first contest is open until July 20th and sign ups will start on August 3rd. Please read the list of swap details to make sure this is the tea house you want to reserve a table at, we would love to have you!

Take a moment for yourself today and enjoy a wonderful tea prepared the way you like it. Whether it be hot or cold with our with out treats, you deserve a little 'you' time.

Happy Tea, Knitting, and of course Swapping!


Amanda said...

An ad campaign in Australia talks about enjoying vegemite for breakfast, lunch and tea. Tea in this instance meaning the evening meal, aka dinner. We also have tea breaks (morning and afternoon) rather than coffee breaks, or did when I lived there in the late '90's.

Monica said...

I live in Vancouver, so we've been over to Victoria a few times. Not every budget can handle tea at the Empress, but I recommend you go at least once in your life.

Also, as Amanda said, tea refers to dinner... and a number of Brits say "dinner" for lunch. Gets confusing... but apparently "tea" is the less-posh way to refer to the evening meal. "Supper" is the posh way. Helps having a British BF to explain it all.

Melissa said...

Oooh... Vegemite. I'm still not sure how I feel about that product. In NZ, I asked for the teapot and my mates looked at me as though I was insane... apparently it's "The Jug" (electric, I might add). My mistake. I just received my first teapot ever from my Auntie L for my birthay. It's a beautiful shade of yellow.

Amanda said...

Whoever is my swap partner will definitely get to tr some Vegemite! I have the wee sample packs of it, just for a taste.

Melissa, did they show you how to eat Vegemite? I know some Australians and New Zealanders spread it on like it's peanut butter, but really, you should be able to still see the toast/bread underneath.

Melissa said...

I had it on toast with & w/out butter then a thin layer of vegemite, so I could see the bread. Maybe it grows on you. I just remember thinking... "it's not bad, but it's not good either!" ha ha ;)