Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Keep 'Em Coming!

We are enjoying reading up on how you take your tea!

My father, my husband, and my brother inlaw, all believe there is no such thing as too sweet iced tea. In fact, my father preferred sweet tea made with a simple sugar, and THEN, add granulated sugar until you have quite a pile in the bottom of the glass. (Gross!) Personally, I still adore iced tea with a bit of sweet and crushed mint, with a pretty sprig of mint as a garnish, but that's an awful lot of trouble, so I generally just make green tea and pour it over ice. (Hubby won't drink that...)

So, at our virtual tea party, we'll need quite an assortment of tea, milk AND cream, honey, raw brown sugar, and so much more. Of course, there will be a tall pitcher of iced tea, just the way YOU like it on the sideboard too...


Chelle said...

Don't forget the soy milk for those like me who are allergic to milk! I came here via Monica's blog. Yay, tea, swapping and knitting -- some of my favourite things count me in!

vegasangelbrat said...

We'll have the scones and other yummies too!