Monday, January 12, 2009

Time for Tea

Sometimes, you just have to make time for tea. I wish I lived in a society where the world magically stopped at 4pm for tea, but I don't. Forgive me for missing half of week #2 before I got around to the post!

Before I spout off on this week's topic, let me share the lovely button Monica made for us! (Photo by Ruth, my co-hostess for this event, used with her permission and blessing.) Thanks, ladies!

Please use proper blogging etiquette and save the photo to your own computer and then upload from there...

Back to the topic at hand!

January 8 – 14 Describe your perfect cuppa' hot tea. If you're like me and it depends, share as many different scenarios as you care to.

As I hinted in the topic, there is no single version of perfection in my tea house. Most often in the mornings, I go for a strong, black tea, tempered with milk and sugar (okay, Splenda, but that doesn't sound as elegant). I get water from our little doo-dad on the sink that dispenses double-filtered water, and then my special electric kettle does its thing. It has a dial on its base that allows me to set it for pre-determined ideal water temperatures for brewing black, green or white teas. (They are best at different temperatures, you know...) Then, it clicks loudly when the proper temperature is reached, and I pour the water into my teapot, with my favorite mesh filter already in place, with the loose tea of choice, which I measured out while waiting on my water.

Then, I set the timer. For black teas, I like the middle of the recommended brew time, so while I'm waiting, I get out some milk (because as much as I love real cream, calories and fat are an issue), and grab a big mug. Don't get me wrong; I love a pretty china cup and saucer, or even a china mug, but I have to really energetic, curious dogs, so for all-morning sipping, bigger and sturdier is better. I do like the mugs with lids too. Then, I grab a tea cozy for my pot. My favorite pot has THREE cozies to choose from... a pretty, thinner cozy perfect for those summers months (a gift from dear Ruth, pictured), a quilted fabric "drop over" version from Rosanne, and a thick, warm wool beehive from Grace, just right for these cold winter mornings.

The pot hangs out in the kitchen, on the island, while I sip on the sofa. I rarely eat with tea, but currently, I'm enjoying some cranberry marmelade on toast for breakfast at home. I add Splenda and milk to each cup as I go. Once that pot's done, I rinse everything and switch to green tea, but maybe I'll share that routine on my blog later.

Now, please link and share with us on your blog. (This week, a couple of ladies have linked below because I was tardy. I'll make every effort to update this site with a new link Wednesday sometime!)


Bridget said...

Here's mine for the first two weeks, combined into one post. (Mostly because I was too lazy to write two different posts!)

Beth said...

What an interesting idea. I love the button.

Anonymous said...

Found out about you from Bridget and followed suit. Tea. Mmmmmmmmmm. Good for the soul.